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Vegan For Lent

As Lent rolled around this year, I was conflicted over what to give up. I’ve done the whole cussing, pop, sweets thing before, but this year I wanted something truly challenging. I wanted to give up something that would help me to grow and understand what this whole thing was about. What it means to really go without.

I’ve been a vegetarian for a little over a year now and have always been fascinated by the idea of veganism. However, I’ve always thought it would be too hard and I would be able to make it. That’s when I realized that that is exactly what I need to do. So this year for Lent I’m banishing all animal products from my diet. That means no meat, eggs, or daily. I’m really excited for this experiment and can’t want to see how it goes. I’ll be posting pretty regularly keeping a log of what I’m experience, feeling, new recipes, and challenges I encounter. Vegan for six weeks, how hard can if be?

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